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Published on Oct 16, 2017


Talion and Time are back to inflict a heavy blow on the armies of the Dark Lord, and this time they will have their a new Ring of Power, forged by the same Time to be able to dominate the minds of Orcs enemies and enslave their will to the Shining Lord.

The new Power Ring, Shelob and Minas Mordor: the adventure begins.

Middle-Earth: The Shadow of War begins with a long and fascinating scene kinematics, which is suitable to introduce the story: Time, the blacksmith elf who created the Rings of Power for Sauron, is still attached to Talion, the ranger is already the protagonist of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which this new title is the direct result.

Together, the two will be able to create a new Ring of Power, free from the influence of the Dark Lord, with whom ritorcergli against her own army of Orcs. Unfortunately, however, the Plane will be forced to sell the new Ring of Power to Shelob, which will use it to have a vision of the future, which will lead Talion to Minas Mordor, the last fortress gondoriana remained in Mordor.

Talion doubts of the intentions of Shelob, but the Plane is more likely to take advantage of the help: who of the two will be right? And they have the better of the forces of the Witch King?

A vast world to explore, divided into areas

The game world of Middle-Earth: The Shadow of War consists of 5 different areas or Regions, more or less extensive: it is Minas Mordor, Chirit Ungol, Gorgoroth, Seregost and Nurnen, which you unlock by doing the main story.

The locations are very neat and satisfying for the eye, with glimpses of the very beautiful, even if graphically the game has its flaws, at least on the PS4, especially with regard to, for example, the yield of the hair in some of the characters:

The game maps of the individual areas are incredibly detailed and full of different icons, all explained through a full legend:

You can also access a map of the world, so it's really well made and very striking, and which you can use to quickly travel from one location to another. This will be the only way to move between the various areas of the game, because the individual areas have precise boundaries, beyond which it is not possible to proceed on foot or on a mount:

Both maps are in 3D, you can rotate the camera to frame what you are interested in. The game also features a mini-map rotating on the bottom left, to make the orientation easier. Of course, on the map it will be possible to select a lens by clicking on the “X”key.

Spoilt for choice: the entertainment of Mordor

The vastness of the game world corresponds to a great variety of options for the players, which they can so greatly enrich the game experience itself is very rich provided by the main missions of the story.

Haedir: Stones are Seers of Mordor, pale imitations of the Palantir, used by Sauron to watch over Mordor. Purifying them, will unlock on those towers for Fast Travel. Also, you can use them to identify points of interest and collectibles, whose indicators will be added in the map:

The doors in Ithildin: finding all the Ithildin in the area you can unlock the door by completing the poem is inscribed on it, which will allow you to get pieces of equipment are very rare.

Memories of Shelob: reconstructing the fragments of memory of Shelob you will discover the truth about his history:

You can also battling against the armies of Orcs coming from 7 different tribes, trying to kill the keepers of the Outposts or vendicandovi of those killed in the missions Feud, but also having a hand in the Executions or preventing that lead to destinations of Supplies.

The Orcs are all different, also on the basis of tribe membership, which will also determine various characteristics in order to modify the move set.

The return of the System Nemesis

All of this scombussolerà (and not a little) the balance of power within the area in which you will find yourself, thanks to the award-winning Nemsi, you will encounter enemies and the Captains of the Orcs, always new, depending on the area where you will find yourself and your actions: kill a Captain will leave an empty place, while being killed will bring your murderer to step up (and level):

At the beginning, you will not have information on the Captains, but you can obtain it easily by interrogating a Worm, so as to know its strengths and weaknesses, which will enable you to adopt the best strategy to be able to defeat it.

The markings on the head of some of them indicate that the mission that relates to them will have a limited duration, indicated by 3 dots below the icon. If you are not able to complete these missions before the counter reaches zero, the mission will automatically resolve itself, and will no longer be available.

The System Nemsi you can also obtain Allies that we can call into battle at your side.

You can however choose to adjust the game difficulty based on the level of challenge that you prefer: by item “Options”, you can change difficulty level at any time, and you can choose between Easy, Normal, and Nemesis.

Play at the level of Nemesis is a big business, because it is precisely here that the System Nemsi is most appreciated: if you choose to play at the difficulty level of the Nemesis, the enemy will not only be stronger, but will vary their behavior in battle according to your attacks, adapting to them with comebacks that will make them entirely ineffective attacks until just before they were.

The union makes the force: how to best leverage the abilities of Talion and Time

The ability of the two protagonists of The Middle-Earth: The Shadow of War will allow you to customize a lot of your experience of the game, based on the style of game that you prefer.

The character development is divided into the branches; while some skills can be acquired with Skill Points, the other will automatically unlock and continuing with the main story, and even some power-ups and Skill can be acquired only to the achievement of a certain level.

The same goes for the power ups, but beware: even if you can acquire all the Upgrades for one skill, you can only use one at a time:

The gameplay is in the complex fluid, which is indispensable when you are in combat outnumbered and outclassed. However, when you make quick movements or running, the commands are elusive, which makes it rather difficult to control the movement and direction of attack of the Plane.

It can also happen that an enemy is stuck in an object, a thing that can also happen to your Plane, making it impossible to proceed.

Thanks to the many unlockable abilities, you can choose whether to set your gameplay on stealth, attack from a distance or body to body. You can also acquire the ability to ride various creatures that dwell in Mordor, including the Drachi.

With regard to the equipment, there are 4 different variants, depending on the rarity of the pieces: Standard, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Some of these pieces, the more rare, can be upgraded by completing certain challenges, and buying after the upgrade with Mirian, the currency in the game.

The weapons and equipment also have a slot in which to insert a gem. There are 3 different types and if you have 3 of the same type, you can use the skills Time for them to melt, obtaining in this way a gem more great and improved features.

You can get pieces of equipment by defeating the Captains of the Orcs, leading to the end of the missions, in online activities, or with the dear, good old money.

And here we come to the sore point: the addition of microtransactions. In the Market section of The Middle-Earth: The Shadow of War, you can buy the Chests, some of which with Mirian in your possession in the game, the atria instead, the most valuable, of course, must be purchased with a special coin, that you can get in exchange of real money.

In these chests you can find equipment and upgrades are also very rare and powerful, and based on the spending, you could considerably facilitate the online activities.

My world is not enough, I will take yours. Or you will be comforted?

The story of the main campaign of Middle Earth: The Shadow of War consists itself of many missions that will keep you glued to the game for several hours, to which are added useful ones to steal all the collectibles and to complete other side quests or the mass murder of Orcs.

To all this must be added also the section dedicated to the multiplayer, which is divided into feud Online and Conquer Online, both indicated in the map will become available, continuing in the main campaign.

Feud Online: in this mode, you can avenge another player killing yourself and The orc have made it out, entering in his game world. If you succeed in the undertaking, both of you will receive rewards.




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