MicroSD 128 GB: buying guide


Published on Aug 12, 2017


In the guide we have prepared to the best MicroSD 128 GB, you will find what you need without spending too much, and above all, getting the maximum performance in terms of product class, and data exchange rate.

Typically the MicroSD are taken with a smartphone, action camera, some notebooks but also drones, cameras, media players, and much more. Devices a bit older it might not support the following MicroSD so I suggest that you look at the instructions in the manual.

All of the following MicroSD 128 GB-class 10 and have a minimum write speed of 45 MB per second. If you are shopping to write a lot of data quickly (such as a video camera), considered even more speed!

If you are looking for other cuts of memory, then take a look at our purchasing guides dedicated:

The Toshiba Exceria is a MicroSD 128 GB more affordable, while maintaining good performance. A best buy in short:


Then we can see the Kingston SDC10G2, a MicroSD 128 GB quite cheap, is not suitable to use very intense, but still with good performance:

Then we can see the SanDisk Ultra, one of the MicroSD 128 GB high performance thanks to its high read speed and the optimization for the App:

We now come to the Samsung EVO microSD 128 GB class 10 is particularly appreciated by the users and with a discrete card technique:

For a few euros more, you can opt for a Samsung EVO Plus, which is available in various sizes and much faster, both reading and writing

Going one level, you can opt for a Lexar 633x, with a few tricks more than the previous one, that make it really good!

Look for the best of the best? Then finally, the Lexar Professional 1800x and the technical specifications designed precisely for the professionals:

Some of the MicroSD 128 GB here at the top, enjoy the treatment Amazon Prime with which it would pay for the cost of shipping and would receive the object in a working day.

Did you like our choice? If you have any other MicroSD to recommend or you want to ask us a question about, leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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