Michelle Hunziker, the truth shock on Aurora: ‘acid in the face of my daughter...

Published on Oct 11, 2018

A real drama to Michelle Hunziker, who could become much more serious if she had not stopped in time, what would happen

Michelle Hunziker, after the exciting experience of sanremo, he wanted to tell everyone of the terrible episode that has deeply marked his life and could mark the fate of her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti.

In an interview with Maurizio Costanzo, the beautiful Michelle Hunziker told some events of his life that in the time they have strongly marked. The lovely Michelle has talking about threats aim to hurt, not so much her, as much as the people that cares most about. Blackmail the imposed public silence. The extortion could have serious consequences:

“Yes, now I can tell why you spent a bit of time even though this thing is quite dangerous. In march a year ago, came an email with a blackmail, and a blackmail attempt where I was told that if I paid within a given date, would have soured the Aurora...”.

In short, Michelle, even if it appears on tv always with a smile gigantic is really bad. The beautiful presenter of Striscia La Notizia he wanted to tell everything also to get rid of weight.

The reaction of Maurizio Costanzo was the one that had lots of italians in the hear of the threats suffered by Michelle. In fact, he tried to ask her if she understood well and it was just as well:

“Threw the acid on him?”.

Michelle said:

“Exactly, the acid in the face... they wanted that I pay in bitcoin... I lived a drama.”

A life tormented to Michelle you think that the presenter in the past has also been primed by a sect dangerous who has stolen a lot of money.

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