Michele Bravi involved in a fatal accident: latest news in the press release


Published on Nov 24, 2018


Michele Bravi was involved Thursday evening, in Milan, in San Siro in a very bad car accident. This was announced by the same singer who has decided to release short statements to the Corriere della sera. On the social pages of Michele Bravi was published an official press release. Unfortunately, Michele was involved in an accident in which he lost his life in the person who was on board from the other machine. Still too early to clarify the dynamics of the accident: the singer is confident in the work of the judiciary but is said to be destroyed for what happened.

The incident happened Thursday evening, but the news was released this morning.

Update: it seems that the lady involved in the accident and was not in the car but at the edge of a high-displacement bike.

It seems that the singer was driving a BMW that is not owned, it would be a rental car. This is what we learn from the first news about the incident. Michele Bravi has decided to comment on this news with a brief interview to the Corriere della sera by which to explain what happened.

“I'll leave the investigation to the judiciary, in which I have utmost trust and respect. These are days of profound pain, this event has upset the lives of all those who were related to the person who is no more, and to me. In regard of the suffering that you are experiencing, I can't deal with earlier commitments, concerts, meetings and any other activity that will bring me to expose myself. I need to take a step back, let those of duty can do their job without interference. The silence is a form of respect to whom I entrust all my thoughts.”

This is the press release given to the social pages of the artist Michele has decided to cancel its upcoming commitments, being very upset by what happened:

“On Thursday evening, Michael was involved in a car accident in which, unfortunately, the driver of the other vehicle concerned, it is not survived.
We trust in the work of the Judiciary in the determination of the responsibility of the left.
What happened certainly and intimately upset the lives of all those who were related to the person who is no more, and to Michele.
At this time in respect of the pain of all professional commitments taken previously will be cancelled.

the two live on Sunday, November 25 at the Theatre, the Prince of Milan are CANCELLED
the live Wednesday 28/11 at Rome at the location Off the Venue is RESCINDED

We would like to specify that the interview is most True that will be aired today in the afternoon is the result of the action recorded on the day previous to the accident.

Please respect the silence of Michael in a way that people can do their work without interference.

The team of Michael Good”

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