Michele Bravi: after months of silence back to talk about


Published on May 23, 2019


After the trauma of reality is transformed and nothing is the same as before

At a distance of months, Miche, Good returns to talk about the serious accident in November, which involved him in the first person and that has caused the death of a woman. “Nothing is like it was before. Are in therapy, I hope to make it.” It is not easy to speak after months of silence, the young singer is due to hold inside the pain, and a sense of guilt that they are wearing it constantly. Psychotherapy has helped me a lot, the “light” that has been around managed to get him to come back the desire to put the pieces together and to rebuild their reality.

“The people that I have been close in this period, they asked me to come back to reality. And I trust them.” And so it is that Michael Good decided to break the silence and come out into the open. The words of the young singer, who has released an interview to il Corriere della Sera, have an important emotional weight.

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As usual in these cases, you always ask how to start again, from where to get up. And for a character of the show, as well as a young singer who was climbing the charts, it is not a question which is easy to find an answer. Miche's trying to do, for themselves but especially for all those that are nearby and they love him in spite of the tragic accident. Do not want to go from a victim to anyone's eyes. He is wrong and you take all responsibility. But back you cannot go back.

Between his tears, tells the Courier that the respect for the tragedy has led him to keep silence. “Return to talk about it is strange: this is not just my story.” Yet, it's always been a great talker, and the silence made him even fear. But she says: “I started writing songs because I was so scared and I preferred to fill it with melodies that I had in my head. Yet I have been months without saying a word.” “When I say that I have been silent is because truly I couldn't... I don't know, but even I felt most others. I was in a place that I cannot describe and that I hope not to see more. These people have made me raise from the bed, brought me food, made out of the house. I returned a child and I have rieducato to live”.

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Only those who have experienced tragedy can understand how an event of this kind can cause a radical change in the life, in the way of thinking and approaching things. “Now everything is different, things are not the catalogues, accept. Stop trying to simplify reality into two poles, and see a world much more complex. Also find the meaning no longer has meaning.”

With regard to the tragedy, Michael is reluctant to talk about it: “I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to make this tragedy a moment of public opinion. I only say that they were made to understand many things that are wrong. The tragedy is certainly not a title sensationalized and much of what is written has been already proved. The evil could be an oil stain, but I had the good fortune to have so many people that I have held tight to the hand”.

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