Michael Rooker defines the dismissal of James Gunn's “terrible”


Published on Oct 29, 2018


The unexpected turn of events has made the third chapter of the saga, waiting indefinite; in the meantime, Gunn is passed on to a new project, writing the screenplay for Suicide Squad 2 DC, just two months from the dismissal.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy issued a statement in support of the director and he had asked Disney to reinstate in the third chapter. But also co-stars Kurt Russell, David Hasselhoff and Michelle Yeoh had done to know that they were in solidarity with the director. Rooker, who has worked with Gunn several times before working together in the film of the Guardians, now has shared similar feelings about the situation.

During his appearance at the Walker Stalker Atlanta, Rooker has shared her thoughts on the unfortunate fate of his good friend and collaborator. Even if the actor is not so franco, as Dave Bautista, when asked of the matter, admits that the decision of Disney to let go of Gunn was a bad thing:

“It's terrible, isn't it? Yes, but oh, well, guess what? Is already on the track. The Suicide Squad, it's real, is writing and directing him.”

This is the first time that Rooker speaks openly of the thing offline, too, and it seems that both remained in contact with Gunn for the whole affair, given that it is well aware of the involvement of the director for the new Suicide Squad. However, DC has yet to announce formally that Gunn will direct the project as well as write it, so it is possible that Rooker is speaking in general terms.

Given the habit of Gunn contacting his close friends in any kind of project is working, there is a real possibility that Rooker will play a role in Suicide Squad 2, as already indicated for Bautista and Michael Rosenbaum.

Michael Rooker defines the dismissal of James Gunn's “terrible” is




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