Michael Madsen on Weinstein: “he never loved”


Published on May 12, 2020


Michael Madsen was thought to be finished: “I went through bad moments,” referring to the fire that ravaged and destroyed her home in Malibu. He also had a bad motorcycle accident and had to have surgery on the back. To this you should add some penalties for drinking and driving: terrible times, that's it.

“I'm not complaining – says the actor – because I have had a wonderful life. But it can be devastating if not protected. Fortunately, they are now in a better place, no more anxiety. I'm also doing new interviews. I mean, when was the last time that someone wanted to speak with Michael Madsen? ”

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Fixed presence in the films of Quentin Tarantino: in the role of Mr Blonde in reservoir dogs and later in a series of bad guys and anti-heroes in " Kill Bill: Volume I and Volume 2, The Hateful Eight (2015), and There was a time in Hollywood ( 2019). Despite this, the 62enne is strangely underutilized, and too associated with the thriller.

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Maybe weigh the fact of having had a powerful enemy who rowed against: “Harvey Weinstein, I never liked. I don't know if he ever liked someone, but I know that doesn't like me. I never wanted to in none of the films of Quentin. I think I have only because Quentin has stood up for me all the time and said: “I will Use Michael, whether you like it or not'”.

When he speaks of the former powerful Hollywood producer becomes tense: “Think of the dreams of people, you know, because Hollywood is a dream factory. His bad faith is the most dark, take advantage of the dream of someone. Is monstrous.”, says Madsen, thinking of all the women prey to Weinstein who aspired to something exceptional, and were manipulated by seeing their careers rising often left in ruin.

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