Michael Fassbender will be the star of Kung Fury 2!

Published on Feb 13, 2018

The sequel to Kung Fury, the insane short film by David Sandberg funded by a crowdfunding campaign in 2015, will be a feature film that will star as a highly respected name in the panorama of hollywood: Michael Fassbender.

In Kung Fury 2, Sandberg will appear in the cast and as one of the producers of the film along with his Laser Unicorns. In addition, David Hasselhoff, already appeared in the original short films, will return again in the cast.

The story will be set in 1985, in Miami, protected by the agent Kung Fury and his team: the Thundercops. These are, however, disrupted by a tragic death, while the Fuhrer will return to trying to get the ultimate weapon with the help of a mysterious villain.

Yes. It promises to be completely out of his head like the first short, which, for those who missed if it were, is to be found in its entirety directly below:

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