Michael Douglas is dead, but it's a hoax

Published on Jun 07, 2016

The famous american actor Michael Douglas has been given up for dead: this the news that runs on the social about a week, which the fans of the actor they immediately believed. In fact, as it turned out later, the death of the actor, nothing was if not a hoax.

The message was given on June 5, 2016 on a page that announced the death of the american actor, born September 25, 1944 in New Brunswick and winner of two academy Awards and four Golden Globes. Countless fans have expressed their despair over the incident, writing many comments of condolence, with whom saluted an actor so talented. Others, however, are suspicious of what happened, wondering why all the news had not at all mentioned the death of the famous actor 71enne. The reason for this is the result, immediately clear: it was indeed just another hoax put into circulation in the network.

The american actor is still alive and well, despite a few months ago circolassero of new rumors on the possible return of the throat cancer, Douglas, who was said to have defeated in 2011, after a cycle of chemo-and radiotherapy. Always according to the rumors of then, the plaintiff would have been even alerted to Bermuda to update his last will and testament: but, even in this case, it was only rumors that are not true.

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