Messages from Upside down: Inside the world of Stranger Things

Published on Nov 08, 2017

The review of Messages from the Upside down: Inside the world of Stranger Things, the book that leads us to the discovery of all the secrets of the acclaimed TV series

Since its debut on Netflix, which took place on July 15, 2016, Stranger Things has now made it clear that it would have been a TV series that would usher in a profound and decided on the collective imagination.

From the one hand stimulated with immediacy, the synapses of the new generations, placing at the centre of a television show of the protagonists, almost teenagers that dominate continually the scene, the other struck straight at the heart of all those who have lived in first person the fabulous ’80s, the era in which are set the events of the TV series.

This second category of people is, without a shadow of a doubt, that has allowed the materialisation of emotions, Stranger Things (and its creators) wanted to revive, almost like a ectoplasmatica materialization, which he held of nostalgia (with the peace of Peter Venkman) who in the years ’80 was a little boy, he went around in BMX, read the books of Stephen King and watched Ghostbusters and the Goonies at the cinema.

Just the nostalgia and the memories of those years have been one of the main reasons of the success of the series that has honored movies, books, TV series, games, games, and songs that have accompanied the adolescence of many of us and, as stated by Matt and Ross Duffer (the creators of the series):

When we watched those movies and read those books, and we had the feeling that in our ordinary lives hid the possibility of great adventures. Maybe the next day we found a treasure map in the attic, or maybe one of us would have gone inside the tv screen, or maybe there was a clown in the gutter at the bottom of the road.

Are really so many references and homages hidden in the first season of Stranger Things (that was repeated in season two) and have not always been so obvious as to be noticed by all, unless we equip ourselves with an abstract, a definitive guide to all that the Stranger Things he wanted to say to his audience.

Messages from Upside down: Inside the world of Stranger Things, the book by Guy Adams published by de Agostini and available on Amazon, is this: a comprehensive guide to where you can find all the references, the insights, the stories, the music, the books, the films, the TV series, the facts of the chronicle and hundreds of other curiosity on the critically acclaimed show Netflix and its origins.

From the theories complottistiche that have inspired the authors, the music that accompanied each episode, from the auditions of the actors to mysterious experiments at the time of the Cold War: Messages from the Upside down is the definitive guide to know everything about the world of Stranger Things, but also to rediscover the classics of the eighties that the series is inspired by: Spielberg and Stephen King, the Clash, the Goonies, David Bowie, the Alien, the Shark.

An amazing journey, a light-hearted, light but not superficial in the universe of the TV series immediately became a cult success.

The book has an excellent cover that reproduces the wall of the house of Byers, where the beautiful Wynona Rider (interpreter of Joyce) hang the Christmas lights to be able to communicate with the long-lost son, with the tangible sensation of sitting on that sofa, with the only difference that in the hands we don't have an axe, but the 250 pages that you devour at an impressive speed.

The author accompanies us on this exciting discovery with the mind of the fans, so much so that it seems to read the book in the company even if you are alone, and every smile that comes on your face whenever a passage lights up memories (as the lights of Joyce lit by Will), we would like to share it with some childhood friend.

Messages from Upside down: Inside the world of Stranger Things has a structure and a writing pleasantly smooth and rewarding: page after page, we find a comfortable division of the chapters reflect each episode of the TV series, in which every aspect of the single episode is analyzed in a method and never boring, focusing also on the frames appeared on TV's insipid dad Mike (played by an actor from the background, amazing staff), bringing to the surface lots of curiosity that even the most careful are not able to notice watching the show.

Reading this book is like being constantly assaulted by a thirst for knowledge that is not exhausted, despite the fact that continue to drink with relentless greed while leafing through the pages and finding at the end of each chapter, more thirsty than before.

It is precisely the conclusion of the individual chapters provides a sort of “comfort zone” is made of cute quizzes, tips, and suggestions for further topics and discover those references that, often, we know only in a superficial way.

Messages from the Upside-down, with all his notes that enrich the pages, and meet exceedingly the pleasant hustle and bustle of the reading, it is a must that all the fans of Stranger Things should possess, and, even though most things may be already known, it will be interesting to discover hidden details and curiosities little obvious but certainly not less interesting.

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