Mercedesz Henger: “My father is not Riccardo Schicchi”


Published on Nov 26, 2019


Back with a bang to the beautiful Mercedesz Henger, who came back under the spotlight of Live – is Not the d'urso: the daughter of the famous ex-pornstar Eva Henger in the last episode she made a shocking revelation about the identity of his father.

Stored the diatribe about the alleged physical violence suffered by the hand of her fiance, Lucas Peracchi, supported by a decision by the mother to such an extent as to make the news scandalized, but always denied by both Mercedes and by her companion, and cleared live during the last episode of the programme in which it only needed a simple hug because the mother and daughter riappacificassero, the young Mercedez is back in the living room of Barbara d'urso for a confession that has the resounding.

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Monday, November 25, in the early evening on Canale 5, the microphones of the Live – it is Not the d'urso, Mercedesz Henger, so far known as the daughter of Riccardo Schicchi and Eva Henger, he revealed: “My mother has revealed the identity of my biological father that is not Riccardo Schicchi. Having known that someone has turned the ‘news’, I made the decision to make a detailed statement on the truth. This is to avoid that in any way be altered by the gossip and opinions of people that are foreign to each other”.

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Many other guests planned for the next installment of the Live – it is Not the d'urso: Simona Izzo leaves for a evening on the role of a columnist and accepts the challenge of sferati in the company of her husband Ricky Tognazzi. We will then return to talk about the events of escape for the love of the sisters from the convent, in short, anyone who follows the living room of Barbara D'urso certainly cannot get bored.

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