Mercedesz Henger against his mother: “Why are you not going to report if he is afraid”


Published on Oct 04, 2019


And now the time has come for Mercedesz Henger to respond to the allegations of heavy duty these days, and his mother, through the newspapers and on tv has done against his boyfriend Lucas Peracchi. “I do this video, reluctantly,” says Mercedesz in one of his last stories on Instagram, explaining that he would not have wanted to respond to the words of his mother, but seeing that the situation really has become too large and serious, must have its say in the matter. Remember that Eva Henger from the study of the Sunday Live had launched heavy accusations towards the boyfriend of his daughter. She talked about physical violence, he spoke of a woman manipulated, a daughter that does not answer for months. But where is the truth? Apparently not in the words of Eve, at least according to his daughter.

Mercedesz in his message denies ever having told his mother of having been beaten by Lucas and is defended from all those that are in his words, lies told to Eve in the television and in the newspapers. The Anger in junior and then declares:

I chose not to respond because in doing so I would have to go against my mother, I would have had to sbugiardarla and maybe taken by anger and the heat of the moment I could even injure you, which I absolutely don't want to do. As you can see in my short tv career I my mother I have always praised and defended in every way possible and imaginable. Now I find myself forced to defend myself from her, something I never believed possible, but are forced to do so because the situation has become very serious in the sense that the other day and even there they yelled back to the road of the things that I'm not here to repeat, we write all the days and it seems that I'm at home with the foaming at the mouth incapable of understanding and of wanting, while Lucas is the past to be the one that beats me to a pulp every day, which is absolutely not true. Lucas has never lifted a finger then, boys, for the little that you have known of me on television... but according to you I'm staying home to make me put hands on him without reacting to it or do something?

Mercedesz is noted that if his mother was really worried would not be on television, but should be by the forces of the order to report. Would go to his house since he knows where she lives and would seek to understand what is happening, things that, apparently, Eve would not have done.

I knew of the antipathy that he had towards Lucas but a thing I would not have ever expected. This is something very serious. Part of the excuses that I will do personally at this time to all the people who really have suffered violence or who are undergoing now, or all the people who are worried about me and have written to me on social saying that I have nearby. I ask you to apologize because in the last twenty-eight years I never heard my mother apologize and then I do it myself. These things are not absolutely true, I'm not going to be part of this theatre and to prolong it because I don't know what is the ultimate goal and don't want to know. My mother was able to contact me only after you have registered Sunday Live and to threaten me, I answered only: “Ah, now there you can contact me!” and from there I blocked really, because I ordered someone, these are the things that are ridiculous, but to feel better. Now I enjoy dinner with my boyfriend with whom I am very well and this should be of interest to a mother.

Mercedesz has continued apologizing to all those women who really are victims of violence. It is not his case, and he reiterated this concept. He also accused his mother of having called you journalists to tell the story in the media.

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