Men and Women: total embarrassment to the throne of Mariano Catanzaro, where's the dignity?


Published on Mar 13, 2018


For the second time in a week, we must again use the term “embarrassing” for something that happens to Men and Women ( and there is also who says that anyone who looks at it is embarrassing, there will a reason). Leaving aside the obvious reasons for which we, the guardian, Men and Women, let's go, over. Embarrassing is the throne of Mariano Catanzaro. He's not: it's always been this way, always an actor of low level that has ambitions fairly high, and that has had a great luck to find on her road to Maria de Filippi. Most embarrassing of him are: the preparation that allows them to do certain things with the girls to send in wave the devastation that we have seen today, the people laughing in front of the one that aired today and not the last to order, the girls, who lend themselves to this. Embarrassing. And if all of the viewers, as can be deduced from the comments on social, comment on this throne with our own words, there must be a reason. In this case, there is divided: we all agree that it is something offensive, ugly to see. The dignity of women, zero. We could go ahead with phrases, banal and rhetorical fit like a glove at this time. But we prefer to leave you to the thousands of fan feedback, riportandovene just a few from twitter.

Needless to say that Marian has shown all its elegance remained in the cellar, when his favourite, Federica, was saying to him that he has serious problems at home. He graciously answered: “then what are you doing here...”. Summed up his essence: the total vacuum.

The first time makes me laugh, the second makes you smile but the third makes you cry and someone should put an end to this chaos, that there is always a way to do it. Unfortunately, the girls with the dignity to put under your feet there will always be at the disposal of similar subjects.

The throne of Mariano is the most disgusting of all #uominiedonne

— Roberta (@robebabi) 13 march 2018

The throne of Mariano is embarrassing, but not embarrassing cute but its literally embarrassing. #uominiedonne

— TONTESSA (@FrecciaJones) 13 march 2018

I admit that I was very disappointed from the throne of mariano, initially he was nice, then it became a throne unbearable with a "machismo" appalling and unacceptable #uominiedonne

— martina 🌸 (@xharryzmile) 13 march 2018

However, not corteggerei Mariano not even under the influence of illegal drugs. #uominiedonne

— Mariagiovanna (@VMariagiovanna) 13 march 2018

I feel embarrassment for the corteggiatrici Mariano #uominiedonne

— Paerlae__ (@paerlae__) 13 march 2018

That Mariano has taken the throne as the circus is clear but I want to know how to make the corteggiatrici not lift your butt from that chair and go away! #uominiedonne

— Ludovica⭐️ (@Ludovicaizzo98) 13 march 2018

I am the only but the throne of Marian is not me, is no laughing fact I find it to be bad #uominiedonne

— laura sun 🍭🍬 (@01roberti) 13 march 2018

I don't know if it is worse to Marian or his corteggiatrici that still remain in there seats and are used this way #Uominiedonne

— gaia 🌹 (@gaia_salva) 13 march 2018

Aside from Mariano, the problem are well corteggiatrici that you make limonare, and tap freely without slap him or reprimand him, BUT they LAUGH. WHERE the hell IS THE DIGNITY OF THESE #uominiedonne

— Elisa ◟◞ (@Waitouis) 13 march 2018

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