Men and Women throne classic flop, the public against the tronista Giulia: too heavy and arrogant ?


Published on Nov 08, 2019


There is a difference between the ratings of the throne over Men and Women and those of the throne classic. More than 500 thousand spectators, when it will be broadcasted to the throne, with the classic program of Channel 5, change the channel and tune in elsewhere) . And while the ladies and the knights led by Gemma Galgani give to Maria de Filippi's record ratings, the young tronisti continue to be a big disappointment. And not just for the ratings. The public did not like the stories that are being born in these months, don't like the tronisti, and do not like the fact that in betting you to lose time talking about reports, followers and futile things. Not only. In the viewfinder of the audience of Men and Women, as you can easily guess even by reading just a few of the many comments arrived on the social in the course of transmission, there is the tronista Giulia Quattrociocche. The viewers just don't seem to digest the attitude of the tronista defined heavy and arrogant and not prone to the real knowledge of the guys who are in the studio for her.

A rain of criticism even during the episode of the Men and Women of today, November 8, 2019. Let's try to understand what the public does not tolerate.

And here are some of the comments, only a small portion of the tweets arrived in the course of an episode of the today of Men and Women

MarĂ³ is Giulia always with the face cut by borgatara pissed but just. I have never been bored so much #UominieDonne

Giulia has all but that character. I find it very insecure. Has not yet understood that you must always argue, sometimes you can just listen.

Is Giulia is so much the woman lived and the know-it-all arrogant, when you managed to make go away Alexander, who was the only one to keep us really, and to keep Daniele that she is blatantly taking the piss.

Giulia, who is presented as the one with almost two degrees, and the first speech without dialect that feels tells Mary to translate, but what I'm hearing

Goes well, however, that Giulia, there has been bad reporting on Alessandro and Daniele, this one can not see. There is then both forced and heavy is fine but we the goals at least has a reaction

The viciousness and bullying of Giulia will backfire against when Daniel him to her place to that place, leaving her alone as it deserves to be

But this has the mirrors of the wood at home?? but it does not realize that if it were not the tronista Daniele would not have shit, not even to ask the time ?!?

And regarding the choices of Giulia, which reveal how the advances has eliminated Sonny, you commented:

Sonny only suitor with a brain in place, no fake no businessaro with a good dialectic and this doing the delete, but what can we ever expect from you Giulia#uominiedonne

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