Men and women, the reaction of Alexander to the non-selection of Giulia


Published on Dec 02, 2019


Men and women, the reaction of Alexander to the non-selection of Giulia. At the end of the tronista in charge of Men and women Giulia Quattrociocche has made his choice sudden in the episode of the program on the 2nd of December. Nothing to be done for Alessandro. But what was his reaction to the non-choice?

Alexander the suitor of julia Quattrociocche of Men and women has not been chosen. Giulia, in fact, has chosen Daniel. What was the reaction of Alexander in after choice of Men and women?

“I just followed what I felt. I didn't want to lose it and exit the program in order to know it off could be to her a demonstration. He preferred another way. I just wanted to be safe but I never played with anyone. I said no, he has taken advantage. If you really had wanted to get to know me, he would have refused.”

Alexander reiterated that he never pretended during his path to Men and women:

“I understood that the interest toward her was too strong already during the week before, I just wanted to be sure of what he really felt for her. This is, has chosen. Point.”


Finally Alessandro is the point of the final situation.

“What can I do, since she has taken this position and what do I do? How can you recover the most? Not the recovery, I lost. So I always follow the feelings and sensations before they then happen to these things.”

Giulio Raselli the choice to Men and women, and the most difficult time

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