Men and Women, the drama of a former tronista famous

Published on Sep 11, 2018

Anna Munafò broke a step away from the wedding

2019 was to be an important year for Anna Munafò. The former tronista of Men and Women, still in charge of a tv audience, in fact, had planned to marry Matteo Milioti, his companion of the time, but the marriage is officially blown. And so the former finalist of Miss Italy in 2005, then finished second) has told Men and Women Magazine this latest disappointment in love after the story with Emanuele Trimarchi.

Anna has told us that he believed he had found the right man to put on the family, a desire has been cultivated for a long time because her dream is to wear a white wedding dress. Instead, everything is shaded like a soap bubble even if it has not explained the reasons for the break up.

The former tronista of U&D has simply said to have chosen on the 5th of may because it was also the anniversary of the death of the beloved sister, Dawn. In Sicily, however, that day, being Sunday, not marriages, and so had anticipated the 4, believe that there were any problems: “Instead of the 4 may of the next year, – commented bitterly, I'll be free”.

A break of the unexpected which has also procured a lot of pain. The former tronista has spent entire days locked up in the house just to read the messages from his ex, look at their pictures together, but now that it's been a little bit of time is better. And if the were to call up Maria De Filippi to sit again on the chair red?

“I don't have the age to do the tronista, even if I would go to sit and stroke if Maria me back, maybe now I would do a reality show for fun, to distract myself, to put myself in the game and maybe finally meet the real prince charming”.

Someone will pick up his call?

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