Men and Women: start date and news on the tronisti

Published on Aug 07, 2017

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The crisis of abstinence from Men and Women is going to end. A recent post of Raffaella Mennoia, the historical editor of the dating show of Maria De Filippi, in fact, has confirmed that the first recordings are scheduled at the end of the month and, in fact, the latest advances tv show in 29 August, the date will be reopened officially with the studies and you begin to spin the first few episodes, which is scheduled to start on 11 or 18 September.

But what are today's candidates for a role as a tronista? As we know, the Throne, the Gay will come back but most likely only in the second part of the season to appease the controversies related to the latest news, gossip on Claudio Sona. Then at least at the beginning, there will be a space for the Throne and Blue for the Throne Rose and one of the names always warmer is the one of Mattia Marciano. The charming boy of naples was one of the suitors is more appreciated in the last period, Men and Women, even more after the lack of choice on the part of Desirèe Popper. A form of participation that has ensured that it is a net jump of quality, given that only on his profile on Instagram today, there are about 500 thousand followers, and then the preparation is known to have a following for sure.

Among men the other name for heat is the one of Andrea Melchior, the former suitor and the choice of Valentina Dallari, which is raised after the participation in Temptation Island by 2017. And among women, the names of the applicants are those of the former corteggiatrici Giulia Latini and especially Cecilia Zagarrigo, for two times, the unfortunate protagonist of the program.

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