Men and Women: Sara Affi Fella mollata also by her boyfriend Vittorio Parigini

Published on Sep 27, 2018

With Instagram, the story that confirms how much he would have him intel Nicola Panic for the Preparation of Men and Women, about the farce organized by Sara Affi Fella for purposes purely economic, that is, to pretend to be single to cover the role of tronista when, in reality, was attending his fiance Nicola, it seems that you do not talk about something else.

This week, the now-ex-tronista of Men and Women and former face of Temptation Island Vip, Sara Affi Fella, confirmed in an Instagram-story of having had a sham to pretend to be single for the Drafting of the dating-show of Maria De Filippi, for the purpose of climb on the Throne Classic.

Unlike what would have revealed Nicola Panic (fiancé Sara) to the editor, the influencers, curly, has denied on Instagram that his family was aware of his ‘plan machiavellian’.

Panic would have revealed the truth of the facts in the Men and Women, when on the web, there were the dedications of love between Sara and his latest flame, the player with Vittorio Parisians, attention that would have pushed the jealousy of Nicholas and confess the error of influencers Sara, performed to the detriment of the programme of Channel 5.

The lovely Sara, who, as the ex-tronista Nilufar has hidden for the Preparation of having a relationship during the Throne Classic, has lost many followers, his collaboration with the sponsor and the agency, Steve & More Consulting. The ex-tronista has decided to deactivate his account on Instagram. And as if that wasn't enough for her, her last boyfriend, Victor Parisian, has decided to make public not to stay with Sara.

”So guys, I want to clarify one thing, the story between me and Sarah is over. So I am not there within nothing more. Hello”,

he annotated " on his profile on the official Instagram to the player's Vittorio Parigini. Many argue that Sara is the victim of an aggressive media, in its case, so as to be crucified, online, in the face of ‘treatment’ is reserved for Nilufar Addati, which has ‘betrayed’ the preparation of Men and Women and Jordan Mazzocchi attending a suitor out from the program and then was asked to participate in Temptation Island Vip (program, produced by Maria De Filippi).

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