Men and Women: Sara Affi Fella apologizes for the scandal of the farce with Nicola Panic

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Among the news beats in the last hour, there is the news of the Gossip that sees Sara Affi Fella is the protagonist of a farce, organized to the detriment of the preparation of Men and Women: unfortunately for the ex-tronista has admitted online to having fake single to the preparation of the program, when instead, he continued to attend Nicola Panic.

In a lot of railed via the social media against the former tronista Sara Affi Fella, who admitted in an Instagram-story of being made a game of preparation of the program of Maria De Filippi, Men and Women, having to hide his relationship with Nicola Panic, when the latter covered the role of tronista dating-show Channel 5.

”There is no justification, nor any excuse. I was wrong, I take the consequences and I apologize to all. Only one thing, my family in all this nothing to do with anything,”

has released, in writing, on his official profile Sara Affi Fella, apologizing for having continued her relationship with Nicholas in secret, during his television experience of tronista. The beautiful Sara, after his apology on social has been a decrease in the giddy of her followers on Instagram, so much so that he was forced to deactivate his profile.

The apology will not have convinced the right arm of Maria De Filippi, Raffaella Mennoia, which stated that he would have preferred an apology direct from Sara, to the excuses made in a story on Instagram.

In the last hours has spread the news that the ex-tronista has decided to deactivate her profile official Instagram, after losing an exponential number of followers, and his collaborations with the agency and the various sponsors who had chosen it as a testimonial. Sara is currently engaged with Vittorio Parisians, which is first deleted by the social and he then returned to on Instagram.

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