Men and women: Sara Affi Fella and the disease to which he lost it all, that's what's behind the lies

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Sara Affi Fella continues to remain at the center of every gossip because of its disastrous behavior had in relation to the production of Men and women. The former tronista, in fact, he made fun of everyone (including the audience), proving to be a real devil woman. Let's discover together what has happened and the latest news on this case that have now made the rounds of the web.

A few days ago Nicola Panic tired of the continuous lies of the girlfriend has wanted to reveal all the truth to the fans. Apparently, the young tronista since its entrance in the studios of Channel 5 has lied fooling suitors, staff, and especially followers. The Affi Fella, in fact, at the end of the path he has chosen Luigi Mastroianni, but only to make happy the audience at home.

Sara has never loved the young man and the two have never consummated the relationship in intimacy. The reason for this detachment was the presence of Nicola (that everybody believed to be her ex) that during the throne where he always waited outside, hoping to have a wedding.

Sara and Nicholas had concocted a beautiful plan, all to recover the money. The tronista, thanks to her presence of men and women is able to rustle up a nice nest egg, by participating in events, signing important contracts with sponsors and gaining followers on Instagram.

To ruin his plans was his own Panic that after being left for Vittorio Parigini has decided to tell it how it really things have gone. The two participants of ‘Temptation Island‘ had never left and often the neapolitan has slept in his home, with the cooperation of the parents-in-law.

Behind the lies of Sarah (who in recent days has been forced to close his profile) there is only one explanation. The young of Venafro has concocted such a plan, only to do business and become the new ‘Chiara Ferragni’. Unfortunately, Nicola seduced and abandoned has ruined his plans, telling you all the preparation of Men and women.

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