Men and Women: Sabrina and Matthias, here is what they are looking for

Published on Sep 05, 2017

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After the previews the tv on the first registration of the Throne of Classic Men and Women, in the last hour on the profiles of the dating show on Channel 5 have been posted the videos of the presentation of the new tronisti, and so the first curiosity of the public have been answered. In particular, Sabrina Ghio and Mattia Marciano have told you what to expect from this experience and what love they are looking for.

Sabrina is a mature woman, and different from the dancer of Friends that we had known in 2003 because it no longer works in that world, but he worked in marketing for a medical study and four years ago he had a daughter, Penelope, who is his reason of life and it is with her that he discovered true love. The marriage with Federico Manzolli is shipwrecked, but the new tronista of UeD says that she was never very lucky in relationships because it is good and gullible. But even though it has taken many beatings she still believes in true love and looking for this a man that will take good care of her to live a crazy love, with the awareness of a thirty-year-old and the desire to live a twenty-year-old.

Mattia, instead, tells a different thing, since the public had known her as a suitor of Desiree Popper. So far in love he was hurt several people and he admits to never having been too sincere. Men and Women looking for a woman who respects and that he feels it is his only reason of life, the one that will be the mother of his children, who shares with him the same values and wants to build something concrete. Now all the suitors and the corteggiatrici are advised.

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