Men and Women, Rocco has ‘betrayed’ Gemma Galgani with Barbara De Santi

Published on Oct 27, 2018

In the last recording of the Throne over happened everything

Last Thursday in the studio Elios in Rome have been recorded the new episodes of the Throne over Men and Women. The event, as always, is the party with Gemma Galgani and saint Rocco. Maria De Filippi has made it known to the public that the lady of turin is very bad for the end of the attendance with the knight. While the latter seems to have forgotten in a hurry. But let's see what happened.

The advances of the parterre senior Men and Women, reveal that the tiler has asked for the phone number to most ladies. According to the news posted on the Alley News, the knight has asked for the number to a woman, a very young man in the program but she refused.

Not happy with the Fredella has contacted Barbara De Santi, the historic enemy of Galgani. The spoilers reveal that the two feel week, but then in the studio Elios have had a discussion. And in all this, Gemma?

The lady in turin of Men and Women said that she was disappointed in the behavior of Rocco. The latter, however, has indicated that he has no intention to see other ladies and he is ready to leave the dating show for Channel 5. Despite this justification, the piedmont will tell you that you will not want to have anything to do with him. Then the attention is focused on other protagonists of the Throne over, including Gianluca and Roberta, G.'aruta and Ursula Bennardo.

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