Men and Women, protagonists are the couples of Temptation Island

Published on Sep 09, 2017

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The last recordings of the Throne Classic of Men and Women have served to see the first outside of new tronisti, who have begun to know their suitors, even if Sabrina Ghio has once again confirmed as his ideal man is the colleague Mattia Marciano. But in the studio there were also some former protagonists of Temptation Island 2017 that have clarified their current situation.

As they advance themselves, Men and Women arrived Valeria Bigella and Alessio Bruno. The former suitor (and choice) of Gianfranco Apicerni seven years ago in the three weeks spent in the village of the engaged couple has been very close to Paul Crivellin, who currently sits on the chair red, and then between the two there was a comparison civil also because Alessio has apologized to the new tronista for some strong words that had addressed to him during his path to Temptation Island in 2017. The two engaged couple have confirmed that after that experience, their history is spread to great and the turning point would also like to Carmen Rimauro. The former suitors of Manuel s. maria in Vallicella, in fact, in the docu reality show of Channel 5 had become much more of a friend to Alexis, but now is happy that everything goes well.

After a week, but is back also Francesco Chiofalo who wants to find a solution after the break with Wild Rome and for this he asked help for the preparation of Men and Women. He suspects that the ex girlfriend might have an interest for another man, and however these days, they have not revised even if he lacks. There will soon be a happy end or the soap opera is destined to last in time?

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