Men and Women: Pink and Peter, three months of love

Published on Aug 23, 2017

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Three months of love for one of the pairs of Men and Women most admire: they are Pink Perrotta and Peter Presents that when they left the dating show on Channel 5, never leave a moment and have big projects in mind, including that of marriage. Meanwhile, the former suitor has given his lady a beautiful bouquet of roses, but the next step will be the decisive one, because soon the two guys are going to live together.

The floor Rose, and Peter was to start living together in September already, most likely taking the house together to Milan. A choice that was good for both because the former tronista could serve as a springboard final in his work, that of a model, and her boyfriend to end the practice as a lawyer. It seems, however, that their projects-at least for the moment, you need to stop because soon the Rose shall enter into the House of Big Brother Vip as a competitor even though his name, at least for the moment has not yet been officially announced by the production.

Yet another engagement in this 2017 so lucky for the girl bell, even if not all of the fans of the couple are in agreement. If one part is certain,mind, happy to be able to review again in the video, and therefore also admire Peter who will be in the studio to cheer for her, the other is afraid that the distance will create problems in a couple so young and been together for a short time. The Perrotta for now, he preferred not to comment on the advances of tv, but indirectly, he made it clear via social to be really interested in the GF Vip and her boyfriend adjust to his choices.

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