Men and women: Nicola Panic collapses in the dressing room after the revelations in the studio

Published on Oct 06, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, in the living room of ‘Men and women‘, Nicola Panic has finally revealed its the truth. As already mentioned, the young man said in front of all of Italy to have been betrayed by Sara Affi Fella, and that the path of the young man was only a farce. Allegations that, in addition to bring problems in private life have also caused a strong emotional breakdown in the dressing rooms after registration. We will discover together the details.

Nicola as seen in the episode that aired yesterday afternoon, without shame, has admitted her guilt, or of being an accomplice to Sara. The two had devised a plan to carry on the farce of the throne, in order to earn money and fame.

Sara, in fact, had never left his ex, even during the engagement with the Luigi Mastroianni. The neapolitan had chosen him only for the pleasure of the public, and to earn followers on Instagram.

To blurt out, Panic would have been photos and confidences made by Valeria Bigellla on account of Sarah. The former tronista, in fact, would take around Nicola, because during their relationship, the young man seems to have had a fling with a well-known football player of Torino.

Appearing in tears, and taking insults is part of Mastroianni that Lorenzo, who was a neapolitan, has apologized to all, especially to Maria de Filippi, believing that the program was tarot.

After having explained all the details on this issue, Nicola inside of the dressing rooms, after the recording has had a nervous breakdown. Here are his written words in a post:

“Many argue that I have lost the dignity, but I say to you, that for love, wars have broken out. I dreamed of a family, I dreamed of being a perfect father, and call my son with the name of my dad... I am Not better than anyone, but there I put the heart, the face, and I'm not ashamed to cry, admitting my errors! In the end I lost everything! My life is a continual failure.”

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