Men and Women news: Tina and Grain is separate?

Published on Sep 13, 2017

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Rumors of a breakup between Tina Cipollati, and the husband Chicco Nalli have chased all summer, and several weekly gossip had been some separation in commenting on the images of the family; to be a part of the well-known hair stylist, on the other, the historical commentator of Men and Women to take separate holiday. They have always denied it but the truth seems to be another one, and it is much more difficult to deal with.

To reveal this information is the weekly ‘New Tv’ is the same as Tina, even if with a few words: “Yes, we are separated but we have a very good relationship.” A phrase that says it all, even if it is not easy for the Cipollati to tackle such a sensitive topic: she and the former tronista of Men and Women are together since 2005, they have also had three sons (Francesco, Gianluca and Mattias) that are still relatively small and they want the situation, especially for them it is less traumatic as possible, although for the moment no one has talked about separation official.

Certainly something between Tina and the Grain in the last few months it is not working as in the past, and the first signals had come in last year after the summer, when she had returned after the experience in Beijing Express 5 and they were begin statements critical of her husband for how he had handled the situation of the family in his absence. Then, many thought it was just a way to rimenare is also under the spotlight because then between the two of them was calm. Instead, of course, the crisis was real, and now she does that ributtarsi in dating show of Maria De Filippi. Its rivals, Gemma Galgani in the head, are warned: Tina this year will be even more bad.

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