Men and Women news, these are the four tronisti

Published on Aug 31, 2017

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Many confirmations and surprises in the latest recordings of Men and Women who have served to present to the public the four new tronisti. They are almost all the faces are already known, starting with Mattia Marciano back a few months after he was suitor of Desiree Popper. With him there will also be Paul Crivellin, Sabrina Ghio and Alex Migliorini, who will also be the second tronista gay in the history of the dating show of Maria De Filippi.

The choice of the editorial staff of re-focus on Mattia Marciano is not surprising no one because the young dentist neapolitan is loved by the public and by months, its followers were unleashed on the web to be able to review. The guy has convinced everyone, because as a suitor She has always behaved in the correct manner, without polemics and with great determination and will now have a new chance to find love. Paul Crivellin from Temptation Island 2017: turin, a year ago, has won the prestigious band of Mister Italy and works as an insurance agent, but especially in the docu reality show of Channel 5 had become the confidant of the former tronista Valeria Bigella but in the end decided to go with her boyfriend, Alessio Bruno.

Back on tv, as we anticipated some time ago, also Sabrina Ghio. 18 years old, in 2003, was entered in the Friends school as a dancer and had convinced everyone to start from the Garrison who was very fond of her. After the second place in the talent he had in fact even television and then it was dedicated only to dance. In 2008, she is married, from 2013, is also mom to Penelope, but her marriage is over since a long time and then is free to find a new love. Plus it's a very good friend of the former gieffina Gwendolyn Canessa. Finally Alex Migliorini, the new protagonist of the Throne Gay. With its 22 years the guy veronese is the youngest. Is the hair salon, has confessed to being a homosexual four years ago, and after some initial difficulties, the family is all from his part.

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