Men and Women news: Rose and Peter, the decision

Published on Jul 19, 2017

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They expected that their love story is consolidated and that all the emotions experienced in the dating show on Channel 5 to become something more. But now Rosa Perrotta and Peter Presents one of the most beloved couple in the latest season of Men and Women, seem to be very decided, very soon will to live and the will to Milan.

A decision doubly important for both of us, because it marks the official beginning of their life together under the same roof, but also because leo will leave Rome, away from the family who is in the province of Salerno and he will do the same with Caserta. As have explained to Rosa and Pietro to the weekly ‘More’ is a decision on which they have spent a long time, but heard a lot from both because it represents the beginning of a new life. The former tronista a degree in Management, but at least for now he wants to try to break through as a model, and then Milan for her is the ideal city. Also has never made a secret of dreaming of a future as an actress and certainly there could have more opportunities. His companion, however, she recently graduated in Law and make its practice in the capital of lombardy.

What Pink is safe, however, it is above all the love for Peter that is not only his choice to Men and Women but much more. In the interview, in fact, confirms that he never felt a feeling so strong and secure that he is the man of her life. Of marriage, the former tronista has already spoken some time ago, confessing to all his waiting, but before you have to start living together.

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