Men and Women news: Rosa Perrotta, dedication of love to Peter

Published on Sep 18, 2017

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By many he was referred to as one of the possible protagonists of Big Brother Vip in 2017, and instead, the fans Rose Perrotta you will have to settle for another. The former tronista bell has multiple projects in your head and the first is to build their new love nest together in Peter's Presents. After many rumors about the possible destination, you can clarify everything in an interview with the weekly ‘New Tv’: We are looking for a house in Milan. The work compels us to wander, but we want to have a fixed abode.

At 28 years old, the model bell is convinced to have found the great love of his life, and he seems to have given up on key proposals, including that of Big Brother Vip. In the interview, Pink admitted that they seem almost real to have found a perfect person like the ex-suitor who is beautiful, but also intelligent, different from the majority of the kids that are his age because it's much more mature. And then has a special asset, to make it feel unique and to give her emotions and in love, until today, had never tried. For this almost four months away from the bet of choice for Men and Women, the former tronista is even more convinced to have done well to bet on him.

The coexistence, therefore, will be the first step to a life together that promises to be wonderful, at least as she sees it. “We hope that this happiness could last forever. When we are together we feel strong, happy, invincible”. And now the fans expect only a piece of news: the wedding date that many people take for certain in 2018.

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