Men and Women news: Mattia Marciano, organized?

Published on Sep 22, 2017

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Switch from the role of suitor to one of tronista of Men and Women is not an easy craft, as shown by the stag before the choice determined by some of the most beloved protagonists of the dating show, the last of which is Manuel s. maria in Vallicella. A risk that according to a few fans running also Mattia Marciano, who perhaps had not considered well all the hype that the chair red puts on him.

In the summer, they have been a lot of requests for a review of the beautiful mathias as a tronista and the editorial staff has also answered, but the first few weeks of the former suitor of Desiree Popper have not been at all easy. The dentist neapolitan is showing a side of himself that the public did not know and, above all, is accused of having lied about the relationship with some corteggiatrici. In the viewfinder Victory, which is established from the outset, a link is suspected to be that you knew each other before, but Clear. He has always said that it was a friend, and instead, as shown by The Pearls, and the note page on Instagram, there is a video in which they are together in the car and laugh happy, first to get to know Men and Women. The Popper said he has already seen, and when he asked who that girl was, the former suitor had replied that it was her cousin, but was apparently not true.

All of this pressure on his shoulders will do well in the Marciano, or, convinced him that perhaps it is better to leave before combining other disasters, and losing the support of that public which so far has supported it? We'll know more in the next few recordings of Men and Women that need to be confirmed for Saturday, September 23. And there are those who hoped that for him as a suitor is to present Giulia Latini, for a couple who would really dream about.

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