Men and Women news, Giulio and Giulia knew and had woven the plot? The photos that demonstrate the thesis


Published on Nov 11, 2019


You re-open a controversy in Men and Women: a tronista and her suitors already knew each other before participation in the program of Maria De Filippi? The protagonists of this new and intriguing controversy that is dividing the audience of Men and Women are Julius Raselli and Giulia D'urso. The beautiful Giulio seems interested in the suitor Giulia, but also to Giovanna. Already in the penultimate episode of the Throne Classic came of the reports concerning the alleged knowledge between him and Giulia is already outside of the program. The tronista already followed on Instagram Giulia D'urso, but it is justified by saying that they have never seen before of Men and Women.

Alessandro Zarino spoke about the issue in the study of Men and Women. Also the tronista, in fact, there were reports on Raselli and Giulia, according to which the agent Giulio would know the suitors. “I'll carry the messages, the calls, but there may be because there have been. Then, if you want dipingermi for what they are not ready, however, is not so,“ defended Giulio Raselli. Yet, to date, there are some new clues that make us think of the fact that the beautiful tronista and Giulia D'urso knew each other prior to participation in the well-known programme of Channel 5. These new reports come directly from the social network, where the people of the viewers of Men and Women is hurling against Julius.

We are touching on the ridiculous, it is evident that Julius does not have the clean conscience! In the meantime, like the photos of the Giulia, dating back to the 31st of January, and oh well. Subsequently, a report dating back to shortly before the beginning of the program. The other thing, a picture in which we see Giulio very close to a girl with a tattoo on the foot, I have placed next to a screen of the stories of Giulia, where you can see a tattoo in the same spot of the mysterious girl. TAGGED TILL you DROP @tinacipollarioriginal , @giannispertiofficial and @uominiedonne , maybe if I make the account! 🤦🏻♀️🤔🤥 • • • #giuliadelellis#gf#gfvip#trash#trashitaliano#gossip#gossipitalia #gossiptv#primaedopo #uominiedonne #mariadefilippi #suitors#andreadamante #veronicaburchielli #temptationisland #giulioraselli #uominiedonnemagazine#angelanasti#veronicaburchielli #giuliaquattrociocche #chiaranasti#andreadamante#alessiocampoli #alessandrozarino #saratozzi#manuelgaliano

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You have just seen: these are numerous reports that are making the rounds of the web. Follow and like us on Instagram dating back even to January 31, would not be the only clues. Also to Deianira Marzano received a report regarding the vacancy of Julius Raselli in Formentera. The tronista, a short time before becoming such, he asked the girl that reported the incident to Deianira to be able to reach where he lives after spending a few evenings together. According to the girl in question, the throne of Julius Raselli is rotten since the first day and, surely, not only you think so. In a shot stolen, we can clearly see Julius in the company of a woman. The more observant have noticed something very particular. At the foot of the girl, in fact, there would be a tattoo that would seem such as that of the Giulia D'urso.

Needless to say, the viewers of the tv program of Maria De Filippi seem to have very clear ideas on this throne. Between Giulio and the new suitor there was really an agreement for a long time? Now it's up again Raselli defend themselves from these latest reports. Also Giulia will have something to say about this whole affair? We'll surely see.

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