Men and Women news: Claudio Sona, the return of the flame

Published on Aug 12, 2017

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The love triangle that involves Claudio Sona, Mario Serpa and Juan Fran Sierra, perhaps, has not yet written his word in the end. Just as it seemed that the tronista veronese wanted to sit quiet and meditate on their errors and lies in the relationship with her ex-boyfriend in Spanish, come out of the images that open dramatically to the story and open up the possibility of new scenarios for the future.

In the last hours, in fact, the blog of the Alley of the News by posting some of the photos showed that Claudio Sona and Juan Fran Sierra are both on holiday in Mykonos, one of the most visited Greek islands over the last few years by Italian tourists, equal to that of Ibiza. The images were extracted from some of the Instagram Stories of the two boys and does not seem to lie. According to the blog, the former tronista was scheduled to be hosted in a local but would have asked his well-known fellow-citizen, more than a friend, Andrea Damante replace it to extend the beach holiday in Greece. Only the desire to take even a little sun and hang out in the bars in the area, or decided to try again seriously with Juan Fran?

The mystery thickens day after day, but in the meantime what has happened in the last few months seems to have cost them dearly in Sona. After the enormous popularity that has given them the participation to Men and Women the guy was on a roll, but a good part of the audience now has dumped him by believing that he has lied about the history with her ex, to the detriment of Mario Serpa. So it is also skipped his participation in the Big Brother Vip 2017, which instead seemed to be certain, but it could make up the next year with another reality show, l'isola dei famosi 2018.

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