Men and Women news: a couple is already in a crisis

Published on Jun 03, 2017

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Marco Cartasegna and Federica Benincà you are left, now there seem to be no more doubts. The news of Men and Women from days speak of a profound crisis of the couple was born just a month ago in the dating show on Channel 5, but, above all, there are many clues that indicate a profound crisis between the two boys. The former tronista, in fact, in the last few days has decided to take a break with a holiday between Sardinia and Abruzzo together with friends and explanations of the girlfriend, who said to have commitments of study in Turin, you have not convinced until the end.

Then on Instagram it was Marco to answer that in the next few days would have explained everything, but so much in the last hour of an important answer has already arrived: Federica, in fact, has done a disco party for his 20 years, but the former tronista and his current companion was not there. So the Benincà on Instagram, posted a beautiful photo of her outfit, all in white, and accompanied the image with a message that is clear to all: “Thank you for who is there, who was there and who not, because I have learned the importance of having the right people in my life.”

The former tronista of Men and Women is never mentioned, not even in the hashtag, and at least until now, has not even responded to, nor the message, nor with a dedicated social to his girlfriend. It seems obvious to everyone, then, that the milan manager and his new company are in deep crisis and also demonstrates the non-participation in the special episode of the Men and Women dedicated to couples. But at least until it will be them talking, all of el assumptions are valid.

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