Men and Women: marriage to Gemma Galgani, but... (Video)

Published on Oct 14, 2018

The historic lady of the parterre senior goes to the wedding, but not his

A few days ago I recorded the new episodes of the Throne over Men and Women. According to the first advances of the lady of turin, Gemma Galgani put again in discussion of his meeting with the knight Rocco. But a few hours ago the manager of the room went to the wedding. Of course, not his, but of his dear friend. But let's see what happened.

After the registration of Men and Women, Gemma Galgani has attended the wedding of a friend of hers. To make it known it was the same lady piedmont through a video posted on his profile on Facebook. In the movie in question is the time of one of the two spouses, but also the great excitement of the former flame of George Manetti.

“We're waiting for the moment of You! ....It is nice to attend the wedding of your dear friend, but what a thrill!”,

he has written a Gem on the social network, who then asked:

“When the mine?”.

Despite the many disappointments, the lady of the parterre senior continues to hope that one day you will find the right person and maybe married with him. Up to now, the new edition of Men and Women, it was lucky for the turin despite Rocco has repeatedly proven to be interested in her.

In the meantime, Gemma Galgani, she is to be criticized by his sworn enemy. We are talking about Barbara De Santi, who, after years of absence from the Men and Women, a few weeks ago has returned to be part of the Throne over. The teacher has focused again the finger against the lady piedmont accusing her of being concerned only with the popularity. In the transmission, also, a few days ago have flown to the strong words between the two women.

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