Men and women Maria De Filippi tease: ‘Giorgio Manetti caught with...

Published on Oct 28, 2018

Men and Women is one of the most watched programs in the afternoon slot. It is for this that the warnings will soon come to the ears of the directly concerned person, Maria De Filippi, in particular those on Giorgio Manetti

Maria De Filippi has been teasing? According to the latest report on George Manetti it seems so. The seagull is not part of the transmission, but it is still very followed by the fans.

Giorgio Manetti was apparently caught by the fan: it seems that the former knight has always early around Maria De Filippi and the writing about his relationship with the lady Anna German: she now no longer part of the editorial but it is still very much followed.

Today, we return to talk about them because of a curious sighting was made known from the News blog UeD. The sea-gull, and the beautiful blonde were spotted together on the streets of Florence. The two have always denied having an affair, and the sighting does is confirm the suspicions.

They have always said to just be friends and after the controversy, even friendship seemed to be over, but apparently not so. In the transmission, none of the two managed to find a mate, but apparently the directly interested parties have always denied everything, by defining each of the rumors, but now the thing seems even more real.

After Men and Women, not having to give more explanations to anyone, certainly if dovessro talk about this transmission the two as usual smentirebbero but who sees them together note a complicity that is not the one that can have two simple friends. What will be the truth? perhaps we will never know.

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