Men and Women Maria De Filippi has chosen the new tronista: that's who it is

Published on Oct 30, 2018

It would be ready the replacement of the outgoing Mara Fasone

Last week, in the studies Elios in Rome have recorded the new episodes of the Throne of classical Men and Women. The big surprise, however, one of the troniste no-showed the appointment. We are talking about the palermo Mara Fasone, who, apparently, has decided to permanently leave the dating show for Channel 5.

It would seem that the girl continued to have a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, in short, a sort of Sara Affi Fella to the second. Since we are still in October, the authors and Maria De Filippi decided to replace it with another tronista. Who is it?

In the last few hours, has talked of a possible landfall of Ivan Gonzalez-at the throne of classic Men and Women. And after the abandonment of Mara, Fasone. this rumors became more and more insistent. Also, to confirm everything we thought the blog ‘News U&D’ who posted a photo that seems unequivocal. In detail, you see the ex-tempter iberian ‘Temptation Island Vip’ along with a television crew to Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

Seen the previous video of the presentation of the tronisti of Men and Women, that was making Ivan Gonzalez seems to own one of those. Then Maria De Filippi and the authors of the Throne classic have already chosen the replacement of Mara Fasone? In the last hours, however, began to circulate a other name as likely tronista, Andrea Cerioli. The latter is well acquainted with the dating show Mediaset because he is sitting already on the throne, but he was also a gieffino and the tempter of ‘Temptation Island Vip’. Here's the photo posted from the blog cited above:

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