Men and Women Maria De Filippi goes against Nilufar and Jordan, and defends Nicolò Ferrari

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Invited in the study of Men and Women, Nilufar and Jordan accuse Nicolò Ferrari, but Maria De Filippi is there and intervenes in his defense. Men and Women, Nilufar and Jordan after the Temptation Island Vip

In an episode aired on the 22nd October on Channel 5, Men and Women, Nilufar and Jordan, have entered the studio to comment on their experience at Temptation Island Vip. This also Nicolò Ferrari, the suitor and the tempter. The couple has spoken about the mistakes that were committed and their relationship is now much stronger than before. Nicolò Ferrari, however, remains a topic thorny.

Nilufar wanted to specify that if she started to talk with Nicholas in the village of girlfriends to Temptation Island Vip, it was because he had assured not to be interested in her. On the other hand, however, Nicholas said that she was looking for him constantly, and wanted to speak alone with him.

And it is precisely for this that he has rekindled the hope that he could revive something between them. Nilufar has started to heat up, but Maria De Filippi has intervened in defence of a young milanese.

Maria De Filippi has invited Nilufar to reflect and to put themselves in the shoes of Nicholas. The first thing the hostess wanted to point out that Nicholas had already been chosen to make the tempter very much before it was made the proposal to them as a couple.

That said, he also praised the guy for being respectful of the couple. According to her, if Jordan asked that the bonfire of comparison early was because he saw something between the girlfriend and Nicholas and then Nilufar can not continue to attack, because the blame is his.

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