Men and Women listen to a boom for the throne over in spite of the scenes of Tina and Gemma Galgani


Published on Nov 14, 2018


The audience of Channel 5 on the social expresses a negative opinion continuously after, what happens in the episodes of the throne over Men and Women. The program is always more Gemma Galgani centric but this is not the only problem. It was also in the editions of the past but together with the story of Gemma was also another, perhaps of the beautiful love stories that pleased the public. The ratings, however, do not confirm such a bad mood: if from a side the public is on social continues to ask Mary not to see certain scenes, like the ones that have aired this week ( with a lot of hands in the face between the Bud and Tina, and the intervention of Mary to placate) the audience at home does not change the channel, on the contrary. The episodes of Men and Women dedicated to the throne over continue to convince and to cashout you listen to a record, much higher than the throne over. Over 3 million viewers for the episodes of the Men and Women who have opened the week, the episodes so devoted to the throne over. A classic example of what we often say: quantity is not quality.

Men and Women is a program with a thousand facets, but recently seems to have taken, in particular with the episodes in which Gemma, the protagonist, a true drift. People at home continued to wonder how it is possible that a woman's face to humiliate at the age of 70, although it is clear that it is all show. It is unthinkable that Bud is so masochistic to stay in the studio only for the joy of being one of the protagonists of Men and Women while Tina humiliates in every episode. And the public also took sides, always less on the side of the Gemstone. But if the comments are merciless, the ratings are anything but. Maria enjoys his hen that lays golden eggs, and no matter if in the episode there is no room for those beautiful love stories that is so liked and that made the program useful.

Drift jack seems destined to go on for the whole season because of the rest of the Gem is not interested in finding a man. It is clear that it is only there for his little show with Tina Cipollati that, honestly, however, does not make neither laugh nor smile. Indeed they start to become annoying even for someone who would like to doze off, since the show is depressing but the screams of the protagonists do not allow it.

The comments of our colleagues on social:

Target Gem & Tina Show #uominiedonne #ascoltitv

15-64 years 1827 26,83%
15-34 years 409 24,92%
55+ years 1633 23,28%

— BubinoBlog (@bubinoblog) 13 November 2018

#uominiedonne flies to 25% of the share and smashes the 3 million with the “brawl” between Gemma and Tina.

— Giuseppe Candela (@GiusCandela) 13 November 2018

yesterday #uominiedonne it was practically all focused on the Bud and has touched the 24,90% of the share. The voice of the sex scoops on Auditel.

— Francesco Canino (@fraversion) 13 November 2018

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