Men and Women, Ivan Gonzales kicked from the throne

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Men and Women is full of twists: such as the arrival of two tronisti men, including Spanish Ivan Gonzales from the past rather hazy

In these days, Mediaset has decided not to televise the episode of the presentation of the new tronisti chosen by the hostess, Maria De Filippi. The preparation of the famous program of channel 5 “Men and Women” took advantage of the bridge with the feast of all saints to take a break from work. Monday, November 5 the program will be broadcast at 14:45.

These days it is widespread on the internet the news of the names of the new tronisti. We are talking about the former tempting “Temptation Island Vip: Andrea Cerioli and Ivan Gonzalez.
However, before you even sit on the throne Ivan Gonzales is talking about himself.

Ill beautiful model is very famous even in his Spain and in his country he has participated in many reality shows, including the Spanish version of the program “Men and Women” or Mujeres y Hombres.

However, its behavior in the role of tronista was not the best. During the throne, the model attended out of the spotlight another girl. The presenter, Emma, discovered the truth, he decided to hunt in a bad way, Ivan Gonzales, and stated:

“We won't let go nothing, not to make fun of the fans of our program.”

On the monthly Spanish Happy, it is written that:

Emma is tired of the suitors and of the tronisti that the tease and that transgress the rules of the program that gives it visibility.”

For this reason, the participation of the former tempter of Valeria Marini's participation in the transmission of Maria De Filippi is much to discuss. Will it really be the suitor right? We'll find out soon!

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