Men and women, Giorgio Manetti has in mind for the wedding: ‘don't come back with Gemma

Published on Oct 13, 2018

New life for Giorgio Manetti seems to have ended for ever his adventure to the throne over Men and women. Now, in his mind, there are the wedding. The famous seagull has opened an events company and then takes care of organizing weddings. In reality, George is also involved in other ceremonies such as the eighteenth and corporate parties.

Through the magazine ‘New’ man has made some revelations concerning the Gemstone. Giorgio Manetti has clarified for the umpteenth time that his ex would not come back even with a miracle. In regard to the lady of turin can also go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje or Lourdes, but he will never change the idea. Now in his life there is another woman.

But the seagull has a lot of respect for Bud, in fact, he said he would pleasure to take a coffee with her if they were to meet for the event in Turin or Florence. He reiterated that between them there is simply friendship.

And there is great friendship with Tina Cipollati, nicknamed ‘sparrow’ from Manetti.

“I want a good of the soul and are happy if she is happy”

With regard to Men and women, George has revealed that Maria De Filippi would be willing to warm open arms if the gull would return. But at the moment a return seems unlikely given that he has practically changed his life. Around the world, organizes weddings, taking advantage of his popularity and has a new girlfriend. Now the seagull can be said to be truly free.

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