Men and Women, Gianni Sperti, the hard rein: “do Not take around the audience...

Published on Sep 21, 2018

Gianni Sperti is left to go to a hard rein on social. The columnist of Men and Women launched a dig to all those who currently or in the past have played dirty

One vent, one of Gianni Sperti, that comes along with the words dia Raffaella Mennoia of Men and Women.

Gianni Sperti was always the light is perfect for Men and Women. It is also thanks to them if more steps are come to the leak. And it is precisely for this that the columnist wanted to write a message. The words that come after those on the same wavelength of the columnist.

In many saw in his words another attack on the bella Sara Affi Fella, the former tronista, who according to some would have lied to the whole time is was on the throne. A few hours ago, the former tronista has been shown to have other men, the footballer Vittorio Parigini. Sperti makes a post in which he asks all to avoid teasing the viewers.

The columnist does not name names, but as they say in these cases? Those who want to understand to understand, no? Here is part of the vent to the shoulder of Tina Cipollati:

“It's the public that decides the success of your website. Take care of those who freely and spontaneously, gives you popularity and you can earn many pennies.”

Sperti, in general, but also the names, but this time is cautious. He's going to say his respect for the public, which should never be cheated:

“Do not take around your audience because just as he brought the stars, with the click will make you fall in dimenticatoi, considering the fact that you have arrived at success without art, but just because you have them conquered as a people.”

In short, the words, the vitriol that surely the columnist has not said randomly.

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