Men and Women, confirmed the new tronisti

Published on Oct 30, 2018

Confirmed the two new tronisti of Men and Women after the abandonment of Mara, Fasone. That's who they are. Men and Women, Mara Fasone abandons the throne

A few days ago, in the records of Men and Women, there has been the unexpected abandonment of Mara Fasone, tronista the sicilian of the new season of the program of Maria de Filippi. The girl is not even presented in the studio to give his reasons. In any case, from that moment on, the preparation of the program began looking for a new tronista or a new tronista. In the days you have pursued many voices, now it seems that the decision is final.

David May have anticipated that the new tronisti of Men and Women are Ivan Gonzalez, and Andrea Cerioli. Right on them, in fact, from the beginning has been the attention of the users and of the regular program of Maria De Filippi. The first, the tempter in Temptation Island Vip, had denied the story, with Valeria Marini and had been spotted in Rome with a television crew.

Andrea Cerioli, however, seemed to not want to participate again to the transmission because he is interested in continuing his knowledge with Alessandra Sgolastra, a well-known Temptation Island Vip. But, the press release in which it stated that Andrea Cerioli would not have been able to do evenings in the clubs has made it clear that it would have been him to climb back on the throne after his previous experience of three years ago.

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Ivan Gonzalez and Andrea Cerioli, will sit on the red chairs next to Teresa Langella, Lorenzo Riccardi and Luigi Mastroianni. It still remains to be understand if all 5 tronisti will be present in the same episode or if the editors decide to divide the episodes to better manage the time you dedicate to each of them.

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