Men and Women, Claudio Merangolo new tronista gay?

Published on Jul 29, 2017

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Despite the advances tv the last few weeks, the Throne Gay, unless, as confirmed in the latest interview with Maria De Filippi, even if this time the preparation of the dating show will have to do more care in the choice of the protagonists after the controversy over the past few months have gone with the former tronista Claudio Sona. Meanwhile, however, continues toto-names, and the last clues lead straight to Claudio Merangolo.

Very high and very nice, the guy roman is working in a well-known fashion studios in Milan and on the social has a little more than 20 thousand followers. Those who know the 31-year-old describes him as a boy very simple, stuck to the true values of life, a lover also of well-being and good physical shape, and very passionate about football. Also seems to be linked by a profound friendship with Alex Di Giorgio, the former swimmer of the national team which some time ago had been indicated as a possible new tronista of Men and Women.

To confirm the advances tv on the name of Claudio in the last hour got a message exchange via social among the well-known expert on gossip Alberto Dandolo became a friend in these weeks of Juan Fran Sierra, the former the most famous of Claudio Sona, and Raffaella Mennoia: on Instagram, the journalist said he had investigated with mutual friends to learn more about Merangolo after the rumors about his possible role of tronista and now knows that despite his initial doubts would be the right candidate. And the Mennoia said that like all the others, even Claudio will be evaluated without prejudice. So it is an indirect confirmation is on the casting for the Throne with the Gay for the possible presence of the boy roman on the throne of Men and Women.

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