Men and Women, bet, September 25: a fight between Gemma and Rocco

Published on Sep 25, 2018

The new edition of Men and Women is begun by a few weeks, but the twists in the studies Elios are not missed. Today, Tuesday, September 25, aired yet another episode dedicated to the throne over. The appointment of today in seen in the center of the scene, Gemma Galgani, which he discussed again with her beau, Rocco. Let's summarize what happened in the last race.

The knowledge between Gemma and Rocco was begun with good intentions on the part of both, but with the passing of the external what is what in their relationship is broken. The two, in fact, in the last episodes have begun to discuss because of their incompatibility of temperament. In today's episode of 25 September, Gemma and Rocco battled it out again. The lady and the knight, in fact, have continued to discuss, without finding a point of encounter. The presenter, at one point, turned to Rocco, saying:

“You look like a cat in a cage.”

The lady in turin after so many disappointments do not seem willing to open his heart to men that he knows from a very short time.

In the episode, today's Men and Women, the audience of the dating show has had a review in the studio, the pair composed by Ida Plane and Riccardo Guarnieri, coming from a fresh adventure to Temptation Island. The two although continue to be very much in love with one another can't seem to find a meeting point to stay together. The Plane and Guarnieri in the appointment that aired today they have decided to break their relationship.

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