Men and Women, Barbara De Santis: “I really like Richard..” The reaction of Ida

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Barbara De Santis is back to Men and Women, and with it the controversy in the study. The lady with between the lite and the other with a Bud said to those who had a weak

Men and Women, it is once again a program full of controversy. Barbara De Santis is back and has made it known to all what happened when he was away from the program.

His face, to the veterans of the transmission of Men and Women, is surely already known. The beautiful Barbara De Santis is back and with her all the controversy. And’ round only by a few hours, yet has already created havoc. Definitely don't want to own his return is Gemma Galgani, with whom he had not a few clashes.

What he said, however, he has shocked the minds of a few faces that are not present in the studies. We are talking about Ida's Tree.

In fact, the De Santis has openly declared that last year he noticed Riccardo Guarnieri, the companion of Ida Plane. Even if he has pointed out they changed their mind. The reason for this? It seems that his attitudes, have changed my mind.

Barbara, however, if Richard returned single, could deepen his knowledge. Therefore, we might soon see a real triangle between Barbara, Ida and Richard. Both Ida Barbara have a character that is very bright, if you can see the beautiful in short.

If he came back in the studio, Ida may also provide a shoulder to Gemma, her friend. The current relationship between Richard and Ida are certainly not positive and this makes you think of the return in the program of both.

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