Men and Women, Andrea Cerioli and Ivan Gonzalez new tronisti but with ‘special conditions’

Published on Oct 31, 2018

Men and Women were confirmed for two new tronisti: Andrea Cerioli and Ivan Gonzalez. For their throne, however, there are special conditions. Men and Women, the neglect of Mara Fasone

This new season of Men and Women began with two tronisti men, Lorenzo Riccardi and Luigi Mastroianni, and two troniste women, Teresa Langella and Mara, Fasone. The constant criticism vis-à-vis the latter, however, have led to the decision to abandon the throne. The girl is not presented in the study and did not even want to explain with a video of his reasons.

The editorial staff has decided to insert in the throne classic Men and Women two new tronisti. This is Andrea Cerioli and Ivan Gonzalez. For both it is a return. In fact, Andrea Cerioli was tronista a few years ago, while Ivan Gonzalez has already played the role of tronista Men and Women Spanish. Perhaps for this reason, Maria De Filippi has decided to create special conditions for their location within the program.

As reported by The Vicolo delle News, Andrew and Ivan were presented as new tronisti in the last recording of Men and Women, but must choose by February. In that time the boys will spend a night in a villa with two corteggiatrici each, and then make their choice at a party hosted by Valeria Marini.

The two new tronisti have shared the experience of Temptation Island Vip both were tempting in the village of girlfriends. According to the latest rumors, it seems, though, that Andrea and Ivan have already begun to quarrel. What will happen in the next episodes of Men and Women?

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