Men and Women, and then... What is the situation of matched couples in this edition?


Published on Jun 26, 2019


The most recent edition of Men and Women has been over for a few weeks and gave us so many emotions. The program of Maria De Filippi is on hiatus for the summer, but what is the situation of the couples of the throne classic that were born this year? Let's start with Andrea and Natalia. After the choice, the two seem more in love than ever reached to make a gesture of shared love that will last forever. This is a tattoo behind your back. A crown for king Andrew and queen for Natalia.

Then we long talked about Angela need feeding and Alessio Campoli. After a few days the choice to Men and Women, Angela and Alexis have made a point of knowledge. Angela need feeding has also been rather criticized on the social so much to lose many followers on Instagram. Alessio has revealed that things were not going as he had hoped despite his feelings were becoming very strong. The need feeding he was living a complicated moment, and not only with Campoli, said he. A couple who lasted very little, and then, the one formed by Angela need feeding and Alessio Campoli.

Giulia Cavaglià and Manuel Galiano are the other two protagonists of Men and Women, but also for them things don't seem to go very well. The web is already talk of a crisis. Manuel would fly to Ibiza for a holiday with friends, leaving Giulia in the house. On social, fans of the couple, you are made to feel immediately and Galiano has responded to the concerns by stating that between him and the Cavaglià there is no crisis. Also to Giulia, meanwhile, is spending time with her friends and, at holidays finished, the two will be back together again.

Luigi Mastroianni and Irene Capuano, after having known a number of Men and Women have not left. The two always seem to be more and more in love, and Irene would have also said that Luigi would be ready to become a father. The Capuan saw Mastroianni to grips with the grandchildren and has passed with flying colors. Louis and Irene could become parents soon? Too early to tell, but they sure are a very solid couple.

The other couple is the one formed by Ivan Gonzales and Sonia. In the last period the two are separated but definitely not for a crisis. While Sonia is in Sardinia, Ivan is in Spain, but only for work. “With Ivan, all is well I am back today in Sardinia, he is in Spain working. With Ivan we don't do projects because he is super busy, we live a little bit from day to day“ has in fact revealed her on Instagram.

Claudia Dionigi e Lorenzo Riccardi are one of the most beloved couple of Men and Women. Between them, everything runs smoothly. Lately they have also delighted the fans by showing the shots to social while they are on holiday in Naples with friends, confirming their strong relationship.

Teresa Langella and Andrea From the Course were one of the couples most discussed and criticized within the program of Maria De Filippi. After the pull, and the spring, Teresa and Andrea seem to, however, is more united than ever against all the predictions of the fans of Men and Women. In the past few days, The Course has also defended his girlfriend on the social after that he had received some criticism. Another gesture that shows the love that is there between the two.

Mara Fasone left Men and Women, leaving his throne and putting a point to his experience in broadcasting. The Fasone, however, would be willing to return to the world of television and would like to do this with a reality show. We will see Mara in the cast of the next editions of Big Brother Vip de The Island of the Famous? We'll surely see.

This is the current situation of pairs born within the program of Maria De Filippi. What do you guys think?

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