Men and Women, and Gianni Sperti humiliates George Manetti: ‘And’ only a provincial...’

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Gianni Sperti responds to the criticism of Giorgio Manetti after the farewell to the Men and Women

Now it is known that George Manetti has abandoned the Throne over Men and Women to start a new working adventure around the world. In a recent interview to the magazine of U&D, the ex-knight explained the reason for the few has taken this decision.

Among the many causes, there was also Gianni Sperti, a columnist of dating show for Channel 5. Between the two protagonists of Men and Women in recent times were born of misunderstandings and even they were broke out of the squabbling. The ‘seagull’ in the interview was very critical of hans, and for this reason the ex-husband of Paola Barale has decided to replicate.

Through a long interview to ‘Men and Women Magazine's’ Gianni Sperti has responded to the accusation of the Manetti. According to the latter, the columnist would have turned back.

“Are coherent with my thoughts, my values, and myself but I can't be consistent with the behavior of others, because that depends on them. To be more clear, the behaviour of George, initially, I have them supported, especially given the number of women who came to court him right”,

he said the columnist of Men and Women. The latter, moreover, has stated that the philosophy of life by George Manetti, in reality, has never put into practice because there are people who profess and people who put into practice.

In a long interview to ‘Men and Women Magazine's’ Gianni Sperti replied point by point to the allegations that have been made by the former flame of Gemma Galgani. The columnist, in fact, at a certain point is snapped using strong terms.

“George, that does not accept criticism, proves to be the opposite of what it claims not to be the man of the world with a great openness of mind as he has always claimed, but just a simple provincial”,

said Gianni. The latter, finally, has stated that, for him, a former knight of the tuscan Men and Women did not want to find love but only popularity.

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