Men and Women, advances: the clash between Jordan Mazzocchi and Nicolò Ferrari

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Men and Women fight between the couple formed by Nilufar Addati and Jordan Mazzocchi and Nicolò Ferrari. Here's what happened. Nilufar and Jordan: the path to Temptation Island Vip

For the pair formed Men and Women, consisting of Nilufar Addati and Jordan Mazzocchi has not been easy to participate in Temptation Island Vip. In fact, after 15 days of recrimination Jordan has decided to ask the comparison early convinced to go out alone from the program. So it was, in fact, the two have professed love for one another and their story is spread stronger than before. To put sticks in the wheels, however, it is still the tempter Nicolò Ferrari.

The Alley Of News has anticipated what happened in the recording of a new episode of Men and Women, which was held on Friday, October 12. From what we can learn from the site, there was a clash of fire inside the studio.

Jordan has accepted the face-to-face with Nicholas only to clarify the offenses that have been addressed, but the situation worsened when the tempter spoke of the deception orchestrated by Nilufar when he was still sitting on the throne. Not only that, Nicholas argues that it was Nilufar to look for it all the time when you were in the village.

Also the columnist of Men and Women Gianni Sperti has supported Nicholas, saying, Nilufar had behaved badly and not to believe in her feeling towards Jordan. The girl burst out crying, but Jordan has the consolata:

“I have to believe it myself and I know that you love me”

In the study of Maria De Filippi will be resolved this event? All that remains is to wait for the airing of the new episode of Men and Women.

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