Men and Women, a lady is teasing everyone: here is someone who has been unmasked

Published on Oct 10, 2018

The throne over: the columnist frusinate unmasks the lady in turin

The edition 2018/2019 dating show Men and Women seems to be begun under the banner of the controversy. In fact, after the story of the former tronista Sara Affi Fella which took around one and all, struck a new lightning bolt on the popular Mediaset transmission conducted by Maria De Filippi. What is success? Here you have all the details of the new case.

In the second weekly event of the Throne over Men and Women, Tina Cipollati, the historical columnist of the program of Channel 5, which Gemma Galgani is fooling everyone. In particular, the frusinate claims that the lady biker girlfriend out of the program with a forty-six year old Fiuggi.

Of course, the directly concerned person is shocked by the confession of his sworn enemy. The piedmont, in fact, tried to justify themselves by saying that the report came to Tina could be with her ex.

“That is a history of the years ’80. I had an engagement with an architect in the city of Fiuggi with a life of 10 years”,

he reiterated several times the historic lady of Men and Women. But the Cipollati he has not believed in any word of the latter and emphasizing as well:

“No, this is the plumber. This is another story”.

It is of course now taken is the hunting of presumed boyfriend hidden madame Gemma.

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